Use your social networks to gain business knowledge


Consumers are asking questions, sharing life experiences, expressing their likes and dislikes, and connecting with each other more and more through social channels. NUVI will allow you to:

  • Identify people who need your product and interact with them at the right time
  • Create meaningful relationships with influencers in your market
  • Leverage fans to help you spread your message further than you can on your own
  • Understand your audience on a personal level and tailor you product or service to meet their needs


You may not have a call center or an extensive customer support team, but your customers expect you to answer their questions immediately, respond to their frustrations promptly, and empathize with them personally. NUVI is a cost-effective tool to:

  • Capture and categorize customer feedback and questions quickly
  • Respond immediately to questions or angry vents before they spread
  • Thank and encourage fans who are promoting your product
  • Act on competitors’ weaknesses or failure to respond to their clients needs
  • Engage with many customers at the same time, with limited resources and minimal effort
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