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Tildeworks Email, Marketing You Can Trust.

The business of email marketing hasn't evolved in a long time. Stepping in to solve this problem, Tilde provides you with your own email marketing server with all the expected features of a modern marketer for one flat cost. That's right, no more cost per thousand emails, no cost per subscribers, no nickel and diming, no more b.s.

Features Include:


  • No monthly or per email fees

  • Perpetual, lifetime license

  • No list size limits or fees

  • No "powered by" link in your emails

  • Surveys and feedback forms 

  • Dozens of built-in templates

  • Step-by-step campaign wizard

  • Custom fields for personalization

  • In-email dynamic content blocks 

  • Unlimited auto-responders

  • Split test email campaigns

  • Powerful XML-based API

  • Powerful, automated triggers

  • Full campaign statistics

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Automated bounced email processing

  • Full WYSIWYG campaign editing

  • Per user email throttling

  • Easily import/export contacts

  • Pause and resume sending

  • Automatic event logging

  • Built-in CRM functionality

  • Google Calendar integration

  • RSS email campaign archive

  • User groups with permissions 


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